Phase Zero

  • Our mentors and EIRs will work remotely with startups selected for the Accelerator to gauge their current traction and work in tandem to design a plan for growth during the program.
  • Startups will be advised on issues they may be facing and will seek counsel on issues ranging from growth metrics to team culture.
  • Mentors will ensure analytics and tools are set up for maximum program benefit.

Week 1: Lean Startup & Legal

  • The week begins with a welcome night networking event, introducing the startups to the mentors through friendly one-minute elevator pitches.
  • Legal experts from 500's extended network will present on everything from "Startup Legal 101" to the basics of fundraising and convertible notes.
  • Other sessions on setting goals for the program and preparing for the upcoming sessions on distribution and fundraising.
  • Office hours for the startups to discuss and work with the mentors.

Week 2: Growth & Design

  • 500 is excited to bring in some of its world-class experts in startup growth and distribution for a week focused on growth hacking.
  • Sessions will focus on introduction to marketing techniques used by the 500 distribution team. Email and digital marketing will be discussed in-depth by mentors, as well as sales and scaling, pricing and market positioning, and retargeting/remarketing.
  • Office hours will be held for the startups to discuss and work with the mentors.
  • Fireside chats and lunch talks with the mentors will be open to the public and happen throughout the week.
  • After the startup sprint, we will focus on refining the user interface and user experience, to enhance user satisfaction and produce more efficient user interface design.


  • These weeks will give the startups in the Montevideo Accelerator a chance to revisit their goals and incorporate what they have learned from the mentors, talks, and their fellow startups and into their companies.
  • Each startup will have experiments to implement from the Growth & Distribution sessions and this recess will provide a good opportunity to schedule a variety of tests and their effect on their target market.
  • This is also a great time to schedule meetings that may require travel, and the co-working space will remain open for the duration of these two weeks.

Week 5: UX/UI

  • Design experts will be leading useful sessions to thoroughly cover user experience and user interface topics.
  • These design elements will be used by founders to create real time results.

Week 6: Pitch Prep

  • In preparation for demo day on the following week, the startups will be rigorously prepared to pitch to investors.
  • Working with some of Silicon Valley's most successful pitch experts, the startups will be trained on delivering concise and appealing pitches to investors.
  • This will include sessions on storytelling, intensive pitch prep, and mock investor interviews.

Demo Day

  • On November 24 the startups will have a chance to present their companies to investors and guests from 500's network at the Demo Day!

* Schedule will be finalized to best meet the needs of the participants and is subject to change.